If you created a petition for every person in the world who couldn’t read or write what would it look like?

That was the brief from FCB Inferno who were working on Project Literacy, an initiative created by publishing giants Pearson.

The idea was to shoot about 500 boxes in a warehouse and make it look beautiful and clean.

Originally the brief was just for a couple of stills shots, but filling up a warehouse with boxes would look amazing in a short stop motion film. So we suggested it and the client thought it would look great.

This was the first shoot to use a new technical camera called a Cambo WRS1200, it was the perfect shoot for this camera which works like an old Large Format camera with rise and fall movements. We were shooting low on the ground and with a normal camera would have to point upwards and correct the perspective in post, cropping a fair amount of the image on the process as well as slightly distorting it. This camera gets it right in camera.

Sign the Project Literacy Petition for the 757 million people worldwide who can’t.

Here is the final image as well as the stop motion and a few behind the scenes.

Project Literacy


Project Literacy from olikellett on Vimeo.

Project Literacy Advertising Campaign. Behind the scenes - the camera used for the job.

Project Literacy Advertising campaign, shot by Oli Kellett. Behind the scenes building the set. Paper and boxes representing the signatures of all those in the world who cannot read or write.Project Literacy advertising campaign, behind the scenes, set builder building the set representing the paper needed to sign a petition for all those who cannot read or write.Project Literacy advertising campaign. Behind the scenes image of camera set up and boxes representing the signatures of those who cannot write.Project Literacy - Behind the Scenes - shooting advertising campaign.